Cross Cultural Perspectives On Decision Making In Medicine And Surgery

Conference Objective: Using an interactive case-based format, we will explore the concept of “shared decision making” outside of the Anglo-American medical contexts, such as the decisions made on behalf of neonates and for elderly patients.

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Mark Siegler, MD
Peter Angelos, MD, PhD
J. Michael Millis, MD
Phillip Beh, MBBS

The following topics will be discussed:

1. Cross-cultural Views on Difficult Decisions Near the End of Life
2. Are Ethical Constructs Ready for the Advances in Neuroscience?
3. From Deep Brain Stimulation to Head Transplantation
4. Western Concepts of Informed Consent
5. Informed Consent: A Chinese Perspective
6. Cesarean Section on Maternal Request: Did We Let Concerns for Autonomy Get Ahead of Safety?
7. Ethics and Dilemma in Neonates with Necrotizing Enterocolitis: How Short is Too Short?
8. The Role of the Surrogate in Surgical Decision Making
9. Decision Making in the Last Several Decades in Hong Kong
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Jimmy Chiu

Staff Liaison
Michael K. O'Malley, AM'14